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CrashJakFan1994 Pony OC with No Color by BlackBeltDragon95 CrashJakFan1994 Pony OC with No Color :iconblackbeltdragon95:BlackBeltDragon95 0 0 CrashJakFan1994 Pony OC by BlackBeltDragon95 CrashJakFan1994 Pony OC :iconblackbeltdragon95:BlackBeltDragon95 0 0 Richard Star A.K.A Ristar by BlackBeltDragon95 Richard Star A.K.A Ristar :iconblackbeltdragon95:BlackBeltDragon95 1 0 Roger and Vinyl's Infinite Playlist  by BlackBeltDragon95 Roger and Vinyl's Infinite Playlist :iconblackbeltdragon95:BlackBeltDragon95 0 0 Pony OC named Roger Star by BlackBeltDragon95 Pony OC named Roger Star :iconblackbeltdragon95:BlackBeltDragon95 0 0


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CrashJakFan1994 Pony OC with No Color
This is my friends Pony OC. This is a non colored one that he drew at BronyCon. He has a black mane with a strip brown. His cutie mark is a number 2 pencil with paper. He also has his official hat he wears most of the time.
CrashJakFan1994 Pony OC
This is my CJF1994 Pony OC. It's a really nice design he creates, but the colored one is my by another artist. He doesn't have an offices name for it yet. I was always thinking RatchetJak or SolidArtist. But it's his decision
Editing videos. while writing script for a new project in one day. 😓☺️ well it's a good thing that I'm a master at taking my time.
Richard Star A.K.A Ristar
This is the son of Roger Star and he pretty much knows all the skills of Martial Arts and his cutie mark means hope.
Roger and Vinyl's Infinite Playlist
This is a parody drawing of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist film. Vinyl Scratch is one of my favorite Background Ponies. I've always wanted a drawing of her and my OC hanging out. Well with the help of my friend CrashJakFan1994 it came true. It's pretty Much the poster of the film.
Here are my favorite films of this year. I have missed on some notable ones. Like neighbors, the interview, and WhipLash. The reason for WhipLash was because I didn't feel interested and I thought it just was an idea that I have seen a million times before, but I will see it eventually. The others I will seen soon. So with out further of do here are my list of films of 2014 in no order.

20. The Lego Movie- I wasn't expecting anything good. I thought it would be much of a cash grab to Legos, but it's actually an amazing movie. It's definitely one of the best animated films to come out.

19. Chef- from the same person who wrote the Iron-Man movies. It's Chef and wonderful and delicious movie to see. I am telling you right now that you will be F***ing hungry after seeing this wonderful movie.

18. Muppets Most Wanted- it's one of the great sequels that came out this year and it's funny and tons of strange stuff. Coming from the muppets you will expect that.

17.  Captain America: The Winter Solider- what can I say an amazing Marvel Movie.

16. The Amazing Spider-Man 2- now you might say I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel, but it's an entertaining and well acted film.

15. Godzilla(2014 Film)- what can I say it's awesome and It's F***ing GODZILLA!

14. X-Men: Days of Future Past- it's an amazing X-men movie that fixes everything from the past films.

13. How to train your dragon 2- it's a wonderful an incredible ride. It's worth checking out.

12. The Fault in Our Stars- it's a great drama-comedy that actually made me cry a lot. It's defiantly worth checking out.

11.  22 Jump Street- a hilarious comedy that actually is superior than the first movie.

10.  A Brony Tale- yeah yeah yeah, I'm a fan of the show, but I actually love this documentary. It's one of those rare movies that actually got a 100% on rotten tomatoes. That's just incredible. It's movie worth checking out even if your not a Brony.

9. AVGN: The Movie- we have been waiting a long time for this, it was worth it. Go and buy the Blu-Ray you won't be disappointed.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy- when I first saw the trailers I was not expecting much, but then after seeing the movie I was 100% wrong. it's one of the greatest Marvel movies to be part of  the Marvel cinematic universe.

7. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For- not as good as the first one, but it's definitely worth checking out it's an amazing and incredible movie.

6. Birdman- amazing, incredible, and fantastic film from Michael Keaton. it's definitely one of his greatest performance in a long time, but I can tell you that you will have to see it twice just to understand everything, but for me after seeing it once I caught everything in the film.

5. The Theory of Everything- I already made a review about this movie so if you want to check it out here is the link:

4. St. Vincent- one of the most amazing Bill Murray Movies. If this was supposed to be his final film of his career ,then it would've been ending it on a great note.

3. Big Hero 6- you know the drill here is the link:

2. Dumb and Dumber To- did a review again

1.The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies-


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